Crave America

January 2012 – Animal Humane Society

All of us here at the Animal Humane Society are extremely excited to partner with CRAVE Cares this January. What a great way to kick off the New Year! By ordering from a special menu, customers will be able to enjoy CRAVE’s fresh, vibrant food while helping us care for neglected and homeless companion animals.

Animals like Soleil and Lune.

These two stray cats likely met out on the cold streets of Rosemont, MN. But what a friendship they’ve developed! When they walk, they do so side by side. When they sleep, they spoon each other. When they see each other, they touch heads. And when they are separated – they cannot bear it. That’s why, when they came into our shelter, we deemed them a bonded pair. This means that they must be adopted to the same (lucky) home.

By doing something as simple as ordering from CRAVE’s special menu, you can provide a happy life for animals just like Soleil and Lune. So eat, drink, and help make a needy animal’s life merry.

– Jon, Animal Humane Society (guest blogger)