Crave America

CRAVE Supports Secondhand Hounds

Thank you to Fox 9 for having CRAVE on to demonstrate some of the dishes we will have available at the Secondhand Hounds “Bone Appetit” event on Wednesday, September 14th!

We’re excited to have Executive Chefs Chris Nelson and Gerard Klass on hand to demonstrate some of our bitesized CRAVE America Summer favorites; chilled Coconut Cauliflower soup, and our traditional Poke Bowl!

Proceeds from this event will go towards helping the Secondhand Hounds Fighter Fund.

“At Secondhand Hounds, we take on the cases no one else can or will. We make sure animals that are victims of abuse, neglect, bad breeding, or accidents have a chance. A chance to get the veterinary and emotional help they need, and eventually find loving forever homes. Our commitment to these animals comes at a price – we spend well over $400,000 each year on the veterinary care of our animals. Much of this goes to animals in our Fighter Fund. If they are willing to fight for their lives, then so are we.”

To learn more about this event and buy your tickets visit their website HERE.