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Omaha CRAVE Cares Partner: Buford Foundation

“Giving youth the gift of confidence.”

Throughout the entire month of November, your generous donation will help fund youth development for at-risk Omaha youth. Help us provide confidence to these children – simply “Round It Up!”

We recently sat down with the Executive Director of the Buford Foundation, Cliff McEvoy to learn more about this great organization:

What is the Buford Foundation?

The Buford Foundation was started by Father Kenney, a local Priest, who would go to hospitals in the area to entertain kids.  While he was visiting these hospitals one of the children had a puppet named Buford, and when she passed away she told her parents she wanted Father Kenney to have Buford. From there, Buford has become the symbol of courage that kids today need.

How does the Buford Foundation provide campers with courage?

Through the opportunities they have while at camp; white water rafting, rock climbing, and just by taking them out of the city and placing them into an environment like we have at our camps in Wyoming. Many of these kids haven’t been out of the city let alone seen real mountains before, so by putting them in a safe group of other kids they don’t know, they’re constantly pushing themselves to develop confidence in themselves.

How long are the camps?

The camps are 1 to two weeks. We have over 400 acres of land in Wyoming at two different locations; near the Snowy Range Mountains and near the Grand Tetons.

How are campers selected?

Camp is fully funded by the Buford Foundation and students go through an application process to be selected for one of these camp scholarships. We work with Guidance Counselors as well as organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters to select students who would most benefit from this experience.

What is your favorite part about camp?

Two-thirds of our property in Centennial Wyoming is jointly used by U.S Fish and Wildlife. We work together with zoologists and biologists on an ongoing project to bring back an endangered species: the Wyoming Toad. Our campers are able to help feed and cultivate the Laramie basin to make it a habitable home for these toads.

What would you say the overall mission of the Buford Foundation is?

We help Omaha girls and boys come home with courage.

Visit the Buford Foundation Facebook Page to see photos from their latest camping adventures!


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