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10+ Wonderful Waffle Recipes

In the spirit of National Waffle Day tomorrow, our goal was to give you the perfect” basic waffle recipe, the one everyone dreams about: fluffy inside, crispy outside, buttery and just a little sweet…when all you need is a pat of butter and a slathering of maple syrup to send you into breakfast euphoria. 

We were going to do that…until we found all these other sinfully-delicious recipes! They are just too beautiful to pass up. We won’t even sugar-coat these sugar-coated recipes: in a world where “wonuts” (waffle-donuts) reign supreme, these recipes are going to cost you…calories. But it’s Waffle Day, so indulge a little – these wonderful waffles are beyond worth it!

Admittedly, we did also include an amazing recipe for whole-wheat waffles…but you’ll just have to scroll through the rest in all their sugary splendor to get there! *cue evil laugh*

10+ mouth-watering waffles (and one Frittaffle!) you need to try NOW!


Chef In Training – Liege Waffles

If you’ve never been to Belgium, you’re missing out. Luckily for you, this recipe gets pretty darn close to the real thing. Classic Belgian waffles made with actual Belgian sugar pearls used in their traditional preparation. If there’s any waffle you truly need to try at least once, this is it.

“The dough is what set these apart. It was no ordinary waffle dough. The dough is a literal bread dough, kneaded and made with love. Lots and Lots of love and worth every effort it takes to make them.”


The Baker Mama – Blueberry Cake Waffles

“Crispy sweet waffles loaded with juicy blueberries and coated in a sweet sugar glaze. It tastes just like a blueberry cake donut, but in waffle form. The best of both worlds and truly out of this world!”

This waffle is truly eye-candy. A caky, sugary waffle jam-packed with a cohort of blueberries. Out-of-this-world, indeed.


I Bake He Shoots – Dark Chocolate Waffles

These dark chocolate waffles are serious…not see-me-after-class serious, but are-you-really-trying to-have-this-for-breakfast serious. The answer is ‘yes’.”

When you just need to start your day with chocolate, but don’t want your breakfast pastry overly sweet.


The Sassy Life – Homemade Wonuts: Waffle-Donuts

Wonuts: the best pastry mash-up since cronuts (croissant-donuts). “I covered my waffles in rainbow sprinkles. Sweetness overload! Eat while the waffles are hot/warm for the best flavor and texture! I just had a waffle with a scoop of ice cream. It was like a scoop of heaven.”

BONUS: this recipe also comes with your choice of homemade vanilla or chocolate glaze! 


Real Food by Dad – Frittaffle

We know. It’s not technically a waffle. But we had to include it for these reasons: it’s a perfect on-the-go breakfast, almost no mess to eat, you can make it ahead of time, and it’s versatile – you can mix-and-match the fix-ins! Plus, who doesn’t love having yet another reason to break out the waffle iron! Everything tastes better in waffle form!

As the creator says: Get busy frittaffling!


Cooking Classy – Pumpkin Waffles

Because Fall is just around the corner, and you’re going to need another pumpkin recipe in your arsenal.

These waffles are one of my favorite fall breakfasts especially when topped with this incredibly delicious Apple Cider Syrup and a little sweetened whipped cream. The flavor combination of the two is simply irresistible and it couldn’t be more fall inspired.”


Heather’s French Press – Stuffed French Toast Waffles

Just when the thought of french toast waffles couldn’t get any better, the genius behind Heather’s French Press came out swinging with a 3-punch combo of Nutella, peanut butter, and banana stuffed inside. Knock. Out.


Completely Delicious – Apple Fritter Waffle Donuts

A blissful union of three of our favorite decadent breakfast treats, all wrapped into one. This recipe is throwing us into full autumn mode, and we love it.

Starting off with apple fritter batter— filled with diced tart apples and plenty of cinnamon— takes it way over the top, and makes it a perfect fall splurge.”


Candid Appetite – Chicken & Waffle Sandwiches

Did you really think we wouldn’t include a chicken-and-waffles recipe?

From Bon Appetit: ““Oh cute,” you might say, “someone has taken the dish ‘chicken and waffles’ and turned it into a sandwich. Fried chicken, waffle for buns–what a nice idea.” But you would be wrong. This recipe, from Jonathan Melendez’s Candid Appetite, is more than cute. It is KOOKERY. And the secret to these Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwiches‘ genius is all in the “bread”: they’re bacon, cheddar, and green onion waffles, with all three ingredients mixed into the batter.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


Chica Chocolatina – Churro Apple Pie Waffles

The food-blogger with a renowned churro waffle recipe strikes again, this time with “an American classic with a Mexican twist”!

“Roll them in cinnamon-sugar, dip them in the beloved melted butter, but this time stuff them with plump, tangy apples. Wow, The result was perfect marriage! …and a new breakfast tradition is born!”


Real Life Dinner – Whole Wheat Waffles

We told you we’d include these. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of healthier options AND indulgence, this is your waffle! Made with whole-wheat flour and all the warm, fluffy goodness of your favorite homestyle waffle! “Light and fluffy and Delicious! Oh and they also freeze really well! Perfect for making ahead and pulling out later for breakfast.”



CRAVE-ing More?

Get your waffle fix at CRAVE!

CRAVE serves breakfast and brunch at select locations! Choose from:


Classicstack of mini waffles, whipped butter & syrup

Chicken & Wafflesour take on a southern classic, mini waffles & crispy chicken strips smothered in smoked paprika caramel, bacon, and green onions

S’mores (pictured) – chocolate waffles layered with house-made marshmallow cream & graham cracker cookies, topped with toasted marshmallow ice cream & chocolate sauce

Seasonal Berrywaffle stack, fresh berries, fresh whipped cream 


Check out to find a CRAVE breakfast/brunch near you!


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