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12 Perfect Summer Date Ideas

Mix-and-match these ideas for a full day of summery activities!

Foodies, outdoorsy couples, those of us who need a little entertainment and excitement…look no further. This list is packed with local, fun-filled, and relatively inexpensive options for any type of date you CRAVE.


For the Foodies


1. Beer/Wine Tours & Festivals

Feel like a local and try some hometown brews and eateries!

Great for a party of two or a group of friends. Be adventurous and sample new flavors and labels together – this is your chance to try each other’s favorites! Tip: no need to eat beforehand – tasting events also often include local food stands & trucks! To find events near you, check out websites like these:

Wine events:

Beer events:


2. Farmers Market

Give your morning or afternoon a healthy dose of summer!

Get outdoors, sample fresh, local food & produce, and show your support for local farms and businesses. Buy some ingredients for a picnic or cookout to make together later!

Check out these sites to find a market near you:


3. Berry Picking

With so many berries to pick, you’ll need two sets of hands!

Summer is berry season! Head out to a farm near you and pick strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc. while they’re in season.

Bring them home to be devoured ASAP, have fun making a pie together, or reward your labor with a beautiful Sunday brunch using the berries atop homemade waffles or pancakes! (You could also use a homemade jam or syrup for those waffles..blueberry syrup, anyone?)

Need ideas of what to make? Check out these tasty recipes:



4. Cookout or Picnic

Get cozy and romantic with a classic picnic for two in the park, or invite friends over for a potluck outdoor BBQ!

Ditch the same ol’ hotdogs and burgers in favor of new flavors and fixin’s – how about a BYO burger bar with tasty add-ons like avocado, fried onion strings, and pineapple!

  • See CRAVE’s menu for some delicious inspiration: BBQ smoke house burger, salmon burger, breakfast burger, and more!

Active & Adventurous


5. Outdoor Sports

1 v. 1 or choose teams  for kickball, ultimate frisbee, mini-golf, batting cages, etc.!

A little friendly competition never hurts! Channel your inner child by rounding up some friends to play schoolyard favorites like kickball – or hit up the amusement park for mini-golf, batting cages, and go-karts!

Note: amusement park must be followed up with some ice cream or a corndog – preferably something on a stick.


6. Biking

Exercise and nature – without the trauma of running!

Make a trip out of it: bike to the lake, go to the park for a picnic, or reward yourself with a stop at your favorite ice cream shop!

Don’t have a bike? Rent one using services like Nice Ride, Spinlister, or Rent-a-bike.



7. Hiking

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, keep nothing but memories.”

Burn some cals, soak up the sun and scenery, and get out of the city for awhile! Venture out to one of the beautiful parks and trails near you, and enjoy nature at its finest before winter returns. To find a trail near you, try out these sites:


8. Kayak, Canoe, SUP (Stand-up Paddleboard)

Whether it’s a lake, river, or ocean, summer is meant to be spent on the water.

Make a trip out to one near you, and enjoy some time off shore! Go to one of your local parks or beaches, and rent a canoe, kayaks, paddleboards, etc. for a daytime adventure. Just be sure to pack the sunscreen!

Outdoor Entertainment


9. Local Fairs & Festivals

The other best thing about summer? Festivals on festivals on festivals.

From neighborhood block parties to state fairs, there are seemingly-endless events happening almost every week from June to August.

Fairs/Festivals are home to everything wonderful about summer: food, concerts, parades, fireworks, carnival rides…all in one convenient location! Bonus: no need to go to that class reunion…You’re bound to see everyone you know and their great aunt’s second cousin!

Reward your inner foodie! Indulge in your favorite “fair food” – fried-sweet-gooey-cheesy-deliciousness-on-a-stick.


 baseball game

10. Baseball Games

What’s more “summery” than America’s pastime?


Grab a seat, a hotdog, a brew, and enjoy the night! (who knows, you may even end up on the Kiss Cam!) Rally up some friends, pack up your grill and cooler, and tailgate beforehand!

Tip: many ballparks offer discounted ($5!) tickets during the week, if you don’t mind the views. Check out your team’s schedule for discounts/deals!

Want all the excitement of baseball without the major-league crowds and prices? Check out your local minor league and sit front and center!


11. Outdoor Movies

Grab a blanket and get cozy together with this favorite summer activity!

From drive-in theaters to movies in the park, many cities offer events for cinematic splendor under the stars! Check out your city’s parks and/or events websites for more information.

Don’t have a drive-in or park event near you? Break out the sleeping bags and popcorn for a private showing: set up a backyard movie with your own computer!

Bonus: you can bring your own snacks, and you don’t have to worry about getting there early for prime seats!


12. Stargazing

After your picnic or outdoor movie, sit back, relax, and enjoy nature!

Mark your calendars for August 11th-13th – the next meteor shower! To learn more about this amazing celestial event, check out this website for visibility information!

Playing constellation I-Spy? Click here for updates on what is visible in your area. Or use a stargaze app like SkyView to get a real-time mapping of constellations above you!


Bonus Idea!

13. Go to CRAVE for our Date Night Special!

Impress your date with a dinner to remember – Friday & Saturday is Date Night at CRAVE!
At CRAVE, we know how to make the night special: a 3-course dinner for two, PLUS a bottle of wine to share for only $50!


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