Crave America

Meet Chef Amanda Luna

CRAVE Executive Pastry Chef
5 years with CRAVE
I’m excited we’re taking CRAVE to a more culinary driven direction.  We are opening up guests to new experiences with food in an approachable manor.
 I knew I wanted to be a chef when:

Both my grandmas baked a lot and were in the food service industry growing up.  My Mom’s parents owned a restaurant and she would always have me help out serving at banquets and I would help bake for big parties.  By high school I was obsessed with the Food Network, and decided I wanted to go to school to become a pastry chef.

Favorite part of my job:

I love traveling and opening new restaurants, meeting new people, and sharing the experiences with everybody.  I love being a mentor and teaching the new pastry chefs we hire.  Also, I love eating cake!

The new desserts on the CRAVE menu:

We added some fall inspired desserts to the menu that are familiar, yet not mainstream.
We have a Rum Butterscotch Pudding that is decadent and sweet. It’s a miniature, so you can have one and be satisfied without having a huge dessert.
It’s a perfect fall dessert for drinking coffee and hanging out with friends.
The Brown Butter Cake has these amazing tart cranberries with the richness of the sweet brown butter cake.
The Seasonal Crème Brûlée- is left up to each Executive Chef’s choice, so we can see our chef’s shine through on their style.
The Praline Cheesecake is a dense rich cheesecake, but not overly sweet. It’s kind of NY style and has praline sauce ladled over the slice.

Favorite dessert on the new menu:

The Cappuccino Crème Brûlée and the Rum Butterscotch Pudding.

If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life…