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COTW MN: Sandra Capra

Our Minnesota CRAVEr of the Week this week is the incredible CRAVE fan: Sandra Capra. Thanks so much for being so enthusiastic and passionate about CRAVE, especially West End! We love having customers like you, and we’re so glad we could get to know a little bit more about you! Read Sandra’s answers to our questions below!

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Sandra 2


Why do you love West End CRAVE? And Why tables in the 30’s?  


I love CRAVE West End for so many reasons …

  •   I often meet people at CRAVE for unique and creative reasons, go at off times and often order a drink and a treat – you have many fun options for both.  I love Café Americano, or a Sambuca on the rocks, or a Malbec … I might get an appetizer or two or some sushi.   I meet writers, filmmakers, moms, girlfriends and boyfriends that just have an hour.  It’s really a creative space to meet a new actor or work with a writer or meet up with a filmmaker to talk about a new idea!
  • The food is great – it’s special, not boring in any way; the flavors, the plating, the choices are great – even picky eaters can find something they love.  I like being able to order American’ish food and Sushi. 
  • The staff is nice and inviting – Dana is the best host under the sun.  They know the food and the options and after they get to know you – they make you feel welcomed back to their little space of the world!
  • there are many windows and I like sitting by windows when dining out and having an experience
  • I like the outdoor seating – they have a very nice outdoor space, it’s not just a few tables outside the side of a building.  I like that the windows open and you can feel outside even when you are inside!!!
  • The location is amazing – anyone can get there from anyplace without a hassle, any time of day/night. 


I like sitting in the tables in the 30s because they are right next to the windows, they are tall and they are right next to the bar, so I always feel like I’m a part of something more exciting and fun.  I like their location in the space and how they make you feel like you are part of a bigger party – even if you are having an intimate dinner with a special person. 


Going to CRAVE feels like a special experience and if I’m going to pay money for someone else to cook for me – it better taste better than what I can make (and I make great food) and it better feel like a special experience or why go.  Crave never disappoints!  The staff makes you feel welcome, the food is always great and you and your guest feel like you are having a special time – even if you are just drinking a Café Americano (I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but Café Americano makes me feel like I’m sitting in Europe enjoying a very tasty coffee.) 
2 Favorite CRAVE dish? 

I love the gluten free lemon garlic chicken wings.  I order many things that I love:  the French fries, spicy tuna rolls, salmon nigiri, any salad – they are all lovely.  I’m gluten and dairy free and I have many tasty choices at CRAVE, which I really appreciate.  I like that I can also say, “please tell the chef I’m gluten and dairy free, I like everything and he or she can surprise me – I’d like protein with that, no soy please.”    And then I get something delicious!
3. Why do you think you’re the best CRAVEr?

  • Well, for starters, I’m quite loyal.  The first place I recommend to anyone and everyone is “how about CRAVE West End?”  The answer is usually yes.
  • It’s also the place I want to go when I have something to celebrate – my birthday, someone else’s birthday, “I love my friends celebration” or “it’s Wednesday, let’s celebrate … let’s go to Crave for a (fill in the blank … an Americano, a mini dessert, GL wings, cocktails, people watching, etc.)”   
  • Because I know the importance of asking for a table in the 30s!!!!!!!!
  • I always have a great time!  I can’t think of an issue I’ve ever had, but if I had one, I know they would take care of it!
  • Because I am one!  😀  Hi, my name is Sandra Capra and I’m a CRAVEr (that’s probably inappropriate or offensive to some – but I thought you would enjoy it!)3
  • I refer to the CRAVE West End as “my Crave” … “Should we go to ‘my CRAVE’ or the one at Southdale or downtown.”  “Let’s go to ‘my Crave’.”

4. Random Fun Fact about yourself

  • If I had all the money and time in the world, I would be a photographer and travel the world.  I love to take photos of everyday things using a unique perspective.  I love capturing love on camera in unique, unexpected ways.
  • (if you didn’t like that one – here’s another)  I volunteer to teach art to 1st and 2nd graders at Peter Hobart once a month through the St. Louis Park Picture Person program – every time I tell my friends, they act surprised and ask me more questions about it.  Not sure why.  That feels random.
  • (even more random …)  I love avocados, macadamia nuts, bacon, breakfast, chocolate covered strawberries and potato chips.

5. Describe yourself in one hashtag!

  • #contagiouslypositive  (I’ve been told this)
  • #happy
  • #sparkly  (I like sparkly things, I appreciate the sparkle in others and in life and I love the word!)
  • #organized (this is a positive and something that drives some crazy)
  • I just asked this question on my Facebook page and got three responses:
    • #exuberant
    • #curious
    • #bubbly
    • #goodenergy
    • # joyful