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CRAVE Poke Bowls Available for a Limited Time

CRAVE America Poke Bowls

We’re excited to announce our new CRAVE Poke Bowls available now for a limited time at all CRAVE locations!

Our Poke Bowls are a great twist on some of our CRAVE Classics; like the CRAVE Miso Salmon, Ahi Tuna, and CRAVE Mexican Sushi Roll, as well as a great introduction to new flavors with our Korean Poke Bowl and our Tropical Poke Bowl!

CRAVE America Poke Bowls:

TUNA Poke Bowl: Made with ahi tuna tossed with ginger, sesame, soy poke sauce, set atop a bed of sushi rice and spring greens finished with fresh sliced avocado, chili oil, green onions and sesame seeds.

MEXICAN Poke Bowl: Based on one of our most popular sushi rolls, ahi tuna & escolar combined with cucumber, avocado, jalapeño, cilantro & fresh squeezed lime tossed in chili oil served over sushi rice topped with julienne nori.

TROPICAL Poke Bowl: Delicious ahi tuna, mango & avocado in ginger honey soy over spring greens & sushi rice, topped with seaweed salad & pickled veggies

MISO SALMON Poke Bowl*: Featuring flash seared miso marinated salmon mixed with tri-pepper medley & avocado in miso on sushi rice and garnished with sesame seed & green onion

KOREAN Poke Bowl*: Made with yellowtail, mixed with bahn mi veggies, mirin, rice wine vinegar & our secret sauce on top of sushi rice garnished with micro cilantro.

COHO SALMON Poke Bowl+: Fresh Coho Salmon from the Seal & Yukon rivers in Alaska in spicy chili garlic sauce, sesame oil & rice wine vinegar on layers of organic baby kale & sushi rice with pickled cucumber, avocado & pickled ginger finished with sesame seeds & julienne nori.

VEGETARIAN Poke Bowl+: Ginger Honey soy marinated tofu seared & chilled, on top of spring greens, sushi rice, sunomumo & seaweed salad, topped with sweet rice wine dressing, fried tsuma & sesame seeds.


Thank you to WCCO news for having Chef Daniel Green on to demonstrate our Mexican Poke Bowl!


* Only available at CRAVE Summerlin

+Only available at CRAVE Minnesota locations