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CRAVE Restaurant in Mineapolis Home Office Halloween Party

CRAVE Restaurant in Minneapolis - Home Office

CRAVE Restaurant not only provides a vibrant and energetic environment throughout all of our restaurants, but also within out Home Office! In honor of Halloween, the Home Office Team threw a party with tricks, treats, and plenty of dressed up characters fully embodying the spirit of one of the most fun days of the year!

Spotted: Teen Wolf, a couple referees, Elmer’s Glue, Siri, a flapper, a turkey, Edward Snowden, a fisherman, pig in a blanket, a crazy Starbucks employee, the odd temp, a fortune teller, and a witch.

Costumes were impressive, food was delicious, and the company was unbeatable! The CRAVE family is the best 🙂

Happy Halloween, CRAVEr’s!