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CRAVE Supports Starkey Hearing Foundation and Operation Change

We were excited for the opportunity to have a Q&A with our annual CRAVE Care’s partner, Starkey Hearing Foundation. Their upcoming TV series, Operation Change, begins June 23rd on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Check out the behind the scenes interview with Starkey Hearing Foundation about Operation Change.

What does Starkey Hearing Foundation do?

Starkey Hearing Foundation uses hearing as a vehicle to reflect caring and improve the lives of individuals, families and communities around the world, by helping them reach their full potential. We conduct hearing missions in the United States and around the globe in an effort to bring the gift of hearing to those in need.

Who do you serve?

Starkey Hearing Foundation gives the gift of hearing with our extensive international mission schedule, many people do not realize that Starkey Hearing Foundation has provided more hearing help to people in the United States than any other country. Through our hearing missions and the daily efforts of Hear Now, our domestic, application-based program, we provide hearing help to low-income Americans. Starkey also has countless international locations they serve. We build partnerships with governments, NGOs, medical communities, corporations and other entities and design strategies to have a sustainable and positive impact on local communities. We work together to meet the logistical, clinical and funding support needs required to reach the maximum number of people with the gift of hearing.

How many people does Starkey Hearing Foundation serve a year?

Starkey Hearing Foundation fit over 165,000 hearing aids last year and has given over 1,000,000 hearing aids to date.

What can viewers expect from each episode?

In each episode, a team of volunteers, celebrities and philanthropists visit some of the most dangerous and impoverished regions to tackle some of the world’s most challenging issues.

Where do the episodes take place?

The team visits the following regions in Operation Change: (listed alphabetically): Colombia, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Israel & Palestine, Lebanon, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, South Africa and Tanzania.

Which philanthropic organizations are featured in the series?

Urban Zen, We Advance, World Wide Village, Nukanti Foundation for Children, Salaam Baalak Trust, Virgin Unite, Bhubezi Health Centre, Ulusaba Pride ‘N Purpose, Ayadina and Lebanese Skateboarding Association, The Beautiful Gate Foundation, The Parents Circle Families Forum, WorldServe, Mossy Foot Foundation, Touching the Untouchables.

Who is featured in every episode?

Aside from Bill & Tani Austin and their son Steven Sawalich, Carlos Paz and Snejana Daily, two of Starkey Foundation’s top volunteers, and are featured in the episodes.

What special guest will be featured in the series?

President Bill Clinton, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson, Sir Elton John, Harry Connick Jr., Donna Karan, Maria Bello, Manny Pacquiao, Larry Fitzgerald, Ray Lewis, Greg Jennings, Tommie Harris, Bill Rancic, Marlee Matlin, and Jessica Sanchez.

Who created the series?

Steven Sawalich is the Senior Director of Global Media & Philanthropy at Starkey Hearing Technologies, founder of Articulus Entertainment, as well as the creator and executive producer of the show.

When can viewers tune in to Operation Change? 

 “Operation Change” will air on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network beginning on Monday, June 23rd at 9PM Central.

How can the public support Starkey Hearing Foundation’s mission?

The series follows Starkey Hearing Foundation co-founders Bill & Tani Austin and their son Steven Sawalich from Starkey Hearing Technologies, as they team up with other organizations to work on sustainable projects that will profoundly affect each community. The series also gives viewers the chance to get involved. After each of the 10 episodes a viewer will win an experience for two to join our team, and our partners, in the field to help make an impact in a featured country.

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CRAVE is proud to partner with Starkey Hearing Foundation and promote their mission since the beginning of our CRAVE Cares program. CRAVE has been a longtime advocate of charities and non-profit organizations in the the communities we serve. The CRAVE Cares program has partnered up with a multitude of charities, and it has been at the core of our mission from day one. We take pride in our natural propensity to give back to our community.