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Father’s Day Breakfast Ideas Fit for a King

Put down the cereal box, forget the toaster waffles, and start Father’s Day with these tasty treats!

Triple Sec Manmosa


I.e. a man-mimosa! Start Father’s Day off with this manly adaptation to the beloved brunch beverage. Who says you can’t be manly while sipping on a refreshingly sweet-and-bubbly drink? It’s YOUR day, Dad!

There are A LOT of Manmosa recipes out there and they all vary (some call for an added kick of vodka or Triple Sec), but two ingredients remain constant: orange juice and beer. Take one part orange juice, a can or bottle of your favorite beer, and you’ve got yourself a blast in a glass! Blue Moon with an orange takes on a whole new meaning…


Choco-bacon-beer Pancakes


Sure everyone loves a good flapjack, but why not step up your pancake game this Sunday? Try experimenting with unexpected flavors in your batter like bacon bits or maple-flavored sausage pieces to nail that glorious sweet-and-salty combination! If you’re really feeling adventurous, you can follow this recipe, which touts a sinful combination of candied bacon, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and even beer!

Note: for all the waffle fiends out there, try these suggestions in your favorite waffle recipe too!


Steak & Eggs

You can’t go wrong with a classic, but you CAN turn it up a notch! These breakfast handhelds are perfect for the “dad on-the-go” on a busy Sunday morning. Whether you’re running to the in-law’s or doing some last-minute housework, these are sure to do the trick!

  • Steak-and-egg breakfast tacos / burrito / quesadilla
  • Steak-and-egg sandwich – steak and a fried / over-easy egg nestled between your favorite bagel or doughnut! Slather with maple syrup for a flavor-booster! Check out this awe-inspiring recipe by Nutmeg Nanny, which even teaches you how to make the doughnuts yourself! Williams-Sonoma also has a man-worthy croissant version here.
  • Breakfast Philly -Traditional cheese steak sandwich with a twist: scrambled or fried egg added to the mix!
Williams-Sonoma Croissant
Maple Donut Egg Sandwich

Hungry for more?

After a homemade breakfast like that, why not give the ultimate Father’s Day gift the whole family will enjoy? When dinner-time rolls around, give the ol’ grill a break and join us for CRAVE’s Father’s Day special: an all-you-can-eat prime rib feast! Treat yourselves to Certified Angus Beef prime rib, potatoes, and vegetables, served 4pm to close! Check out your nearest CRAVE location for more information.




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