Crave America

Meet Chef Gerard Klass

Executive Training Chef

5 years with CRAVE

“I’m excited for the new menu because the dishes happened organically from many talented chefs.  Everyone gave their opinion to come together with excellent dishes.” 
 I knew I wanted to be a chef when:

I was always around food growing up. My parents used to cater weddings and my granddad was an expert BBQ’er.

Favorite part of my job:

I like traveling with the company. I help with training during new restaurant openings and going to Summerlin and Bethesda for these openings this fall.

What will set the new menu apart from the old CRAVE menu:

The diverse amount of ingredients used on the menu, like the fig butter and red rice, elevate the menu to finer dining quality.  Also, we are using lots of local products. Most of the produce is sourced locally, like the micro greens, and Strauss grass fed beef.

Favorite ingredient on the new menu:

Coconut gochujang sauce. It’s a Korean fermented red pepper paste that adds a really unique flavor that you typically don’t see in American dishes. It’s in the seasoning of the fried chicken bites.

Favorite dish on the new menu:

The Sea Bass because it’s a non-traditional pairing with sauces and red rice and has good textures- from the butters to the rice to the freshness of the fish and the overall color and flavor contrast.

Also, the Baked Mac & Cheese. The quality of cheeses and the nice 7 cheese blend make for a smooth cream sauce.  The apple gremolata makes for a good twist too.

Contribution I’m most proud of:

The Sea Bass. It’s a great dish that I worked on and really like.

If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life…

BBQ. My Granddad always made BBQ growing up and I always have to find good BBQ when I’m in new cities for CRAVE openings.

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