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How Branding Impacts a Catering Event

Ed Carson, Director of Sales & Special Events for CRAVE Catering, explains how branding plays a role in creating the perfect catered event.

Branding is an essential aspect of creating an event with our clients’ vision in mind.  Though the client may not know what their vision is, we guide them by selling ideas. We integrate their brand into every aspect of the event, from food presentation to décor.  This requires a certain degree of trust from our client that we have their best interest in mind.

A quintessential example of branding an event is Microsoft Technology Center’s opening of their thirteenth Solution Center worldwide and the ninth in the United States.  I collaborated with Geri Wolf from the Style Laboratory , along with the Director of Minnesota’s MTC.  He stated that event planning and catering was not his area of expertise and he would be relying heavily on CRAVE Catering for ideas and execution.

Microsoft Technology Center’s look and feel is contemporary and pristine, with a glass box enclosed Mother Board room and Learning Center that includes the latest modern technology not even released to the public, it became clear that the event should be sleek, streamlined and very clean.

We started with the Menu and the Vessels to utilize for Butler Passing – acrylic trays, black “bento boxes” and black trees with mini desserts suspended from the branches. As guests checked in they were handed a credential customized with their information in “Microsoft Tags” (Microsoft’s version of QR Codes).  It was a way for guests to capture each other’s contact information with their telephone camera.  It was also a subtle way to show off a product without a sales pitch and integrate Microsoft’s Brand into the event, without the guests even knowing.

Guests were greeted with a TechTini, a signature drink CRAVE Catering custom created for the event.  The center was decorated by Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry  with black succulents in white vases and hundreds of floating candles in the massive glass windows.

Your client is the star of the show. The food, décor, and presentation should help to accentuate that fact without stealing the spotlight. By blending our product and services into our client’s brand, we are able to do this in a way that is modern, sleek and clean.

Mission accomplished. Visit for more information about all the services we are able to provide.