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International Sushi Day | CRAVE America


Sushi Is Life at CRAVE, so there’s nothing we love more than a full day dedicated to celebrating our Bae…Sushi!

Our menu is packed with Sushi options for the vegetarian, the fish lover, and even kids! In honor of National Sushi Day, check out our highlighted options below, but be sure to view our full menu to get the full picture!


International Sushi Day 2016

Caterpillar Roll

Don’t worry, this CRAVE America Specialty Sushi Roll doesn’t use actual Caterpillars in the recipe! Instead enjoy spicy tuna, smelt roe, cucumber, mango, avocado, and sweet sauce!


Mexican Roll

The Mexican Roll is one of our CRAVE Classics and is always the right choice!

Join the fiesta with this roll filled with tuna, escolar, jalapeño avocado, cilantro, spicy mayo, and soy citrus sauce!


Aloha Roll

Like it’s name implies, this roll is so good, it’ll have you saying “HELLO!”

Made with Spicy Tuna, mango, cilantro, avocado, and our CRAVE poke sauce, this roll is beyond delicious.


CRAVE Cares Menu Sushi Burrito

All month you can order the CRAVE Sushi Burrito off our June CRAVE Cares Chef Specials Lunch Menu!

By selecting this Limited Time Offer off our CRAVE Cares menu you’ll not only get to enjoy it, you’ll also be helping raise money for our CRAVE Cares partners! A percentage of proceeds from this month long menu will be donated to our local partners! LEARN MORE.


Shrimp Guppies

Even the kids can get in on the Sushi action at CRAVE America!

Our Shrimp Guppies are made of cooked shrimp, sushi rice, and sweet soy reduction!

*For the pickier eaters we also offer Fruity “Sushi” Rolls for the kids!



CRAVE-ing More?

Can’t make up your mind on any one roll? We offer a variety of Sushi Boats!

The Hoshii Boat which features your choice of roll and 5 Chef selected Nigiri, the Geisha Boat; 3 Chef selected rolls and nigiri, or the Samurai Boat; 5 Chef Selected Rolls, Nigiri, Sashami, and soy sriracha edamame!

The best part about ordering the Sushi Boat? Having your sushi show up IN A BOAT!