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Mac N Cheese Bowls Available for a Limited Time

We’re excited to announce our new CRAVE Mac N Cheese bowls available now for a limited time at all CRAVE locations!Comfort food is key during these chillier months and there’s nothing as comforting as an upscale twist on a childhood favorite. For a limited time only CRAVE is offering four different versions of the ultimate classic; Macaroni & Cheese!

Our Chefs enjoyed quite a few delicious playdays in the kitchen dreaming up the cheesiest of combinations and we’re excited to share the four winning combinations; BBQ, Buffalo Chicken, Shrimp & Lobster, and Chili!

CRAVE America Mac N Cheese Bowls:

BBQ Mac N Cheese Bowl: Two American classics- BBQ and Mac N Cheese – come together to create a new tradition. We mix perfectly cooked cavatappi noodles, with creamy cheese sauce, tender BBQ burnt ends, and tangy bourbon BBQ sauce, and top it off with crispy fried onion strings and seasoned bread crumbs for a texture and flavor combination that’s out of this world.

BUFFALO CHICKEN Mac N Cheese Bowl: Buffalo lovers will flip for this unique treat. Our cavatappi noodles are tossed with cheese and buffalo sauce and loaded with crispy fried Buffalo Chicken, then topped with bacon bits, spicy giardiniera, and bleu cheese crumbles for a taste that’s delightfully spicy and cheesy.

SHRIMP & LOBSTER Mac N Cheese Bowl: Shrimp and lobster come together in this dish for a decidedly adult take on Mac N Cheese. Our cavatappi noodles are tumbled in a luxurious cream sauce containing perfectly sautéed pieces of Shrimp & Lobster, then tossed in our seasoned mozzarella cheese sauce and truffle oil, and topped with fried shallots. Every bite is decadent, yet comforting at the same time.

CHILI Mac N Cheese Bowl: Warm yourself from the inside out with this hearty combination of winter favorites. Our cheesy cavatappi noodles create the perfect base for our classic beef & pork chili, which is gently piled on top, then finished with shredded cheddar, sour cream, and chives. Mac N Cheese N Chilli?! Oh My!



CRAVE America Mac N Cheese Bowls