Crave America

Meet Chef Chris Oxley

Executive Chef at BLVD Kitchen

3 ½ years with Kaskaid Hospitality

CRAVE is moving in the higher end direction. It’s great that the company as a whole is willing to sacrifice itself for that type of change. The new menu may help drive sales but the guest experience is definitively the number one driver for this change. 
I knew I wanted to be a chef when:

When I was 11 I worked at a truck stop as a dishwasher and the “cool guys” were the 16 year old line cooks. Naturally I wanted to become a line cook like the cool guys.  I always knew when I was young this is what I wanted to do. I would watch a lot of Julia Childs and PBS cooking shows.

Favorite part of my job:

I like interacting with guests. I love when people come up to me in the kitchen to watch and shake my hand.  I like doing things that brings happiness to other people, and knowing they are leaving happy makes me feel good.

What will set the new menu apart from the existing CRAVE menu:

The quality of ingredients are much better and the higher eloquence on the new menu overall.

Favorite ingredient on the new menu:

The Pork Belly.

Favorite dish on the new menu:

The Scallops with crispy leeks.