Crave America

Meet Chef Evan Freeberg

CRAVE Galleria Executive Chef

2 years with CRAVE

“I’m really happy with the menu-it’s a great step forward for CRAVE as a company in terms of ingredients and technique.
I knew I wanted to be a chef when:

I was 17. When I was 15 I had gotten a job in a restaurant as a dishwasher and then worked at Damico and Sons as a line cook. It was really fun and interesting.  I worked with a chef who had gone to culinary school and I realized I could make a career out of this.

Favorite part of my job:

I like cooking on the line.  I like it when it’s busy, and I like it to be challenging. I also like when I’m under a lot of pressure because I work well under pressure.

What will set the new menu apart from the existing CRAVE menu:

The unique ingredients. We are using ingredient that are unlike anything on the current CRAVE menu.

Favorite ingredient on the new menu:

I really like the sweety drop peppers because when you eat one it tastes like a habanero and my brain thinks it will be really hot but then it isn’t. I like how it plays with my sense of taste.  You can find it topping the Muhammara.

The caramelized Brussels sprouts are another favorite because they are very fall and have great flavor.

Favorite dish on the new menu:

The Rib Eye with ancho chili molasses glaze and the caramelized brussels sprouts

If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life…

I would eat pasta. It’s my favorite thing to make and is so versatile. I also love bacon, and could eat a lot of bacon for the rest of my life.