Crave America

Name Our Concept


Kaskaid Hospitality is about to bring our trademark awesomeness to Uptown with a new kitchen & bar concept!

The problem is, we’re new to uptown, so we need your help…

If you’re one of those witty/creative type people, we have a temporary use for your skills. You will fill out the form below, along with your email address, and if your idea doesn’t suck- you could WIN $500 CASH and an invite for you and a guest to our super-secret Grand Opening party when we open the doors in Spring of 2014.

About the Concept:

We’ve been watching HGTV like a boss for years and now it’s our time to shine – by rejuvenating the former Old Chicago space on Hennepin Ave with a killer new concept! Contemporary American grub, craft beers aplenty, comfy/casual décor, awesome staff, and a dope outdoor patio that in no way conforms to the latest bar and restaurant trends.

Name Submission Process:

(Choose one of the following entry methods)

  • Tweet @CRAVEamerica using the hashtag: #nameourconcept
  • Submit via (fill out the form below),
  • Post to Facebook and include #nameourconcept
  • Kaskaid Hospitality will collect all entries
  • Representatives from Kaskaid Hospitality will select the winning name

*Yes, we will be picking our favorite, and only our favorite because we’re the ones who have to live with the name.
**Bribes in the form of money, baked goods, and lewd text messages are welcomed but will in no way increase your chances of winning.


  • July 9: Submission Contest Begins
  • July 23: Submission Period Ends
  • July 26: Winning Name Revealed

ATTENTION: The submission period has now ended and we are no longer accepting submissions. We will be announcing the winner on Friday, 7/26, so check back to see what the new concept will be named!