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National Beer Day – Local Brews

We’ve had the privilege of serving (and tasting!) some of the best beers around and since our Mothers always taught us to share… we thought there was no better way to celebrate National Beer Day 2016 than by highlighting some of the great locally brewed tap & bottled beer currently available at CRAVE!

National Beer Day 2016

National Beer Day CRAVE Amber Ale

CRAVE Amber Ale

Yeah, you read that right…CRAVE Amber Ale. Our friends over at August Schell Brewery in New Ulm, Minnesota created a signature CRAVE Amber beer available at select CRAVE locations! 

Balanced, with toasted malt characters and a light fruitiness. Our Amber Ale is definitely one to try!


Grain Belt Nordeast

Available: Select Minnesota Locations

“Named after the hardworking neighborhood where the original Grain Belt Brewery established its roots back in 1893. ‘Nordeast’ is an endearing term which comes from the Northern and Eastern European immigrants and their language which helped shape Northeast Minneapolis. This amber American Lager is our way of honoring the storied past of Grain Belt and the people who helped to make it legendary! Cheers!”

Summit EPA

Available: Select Minnesota Locations

“A pioneer in craft beer (hey, that rhymes), Summit EPA has been gracing the pint glasses of serious brew lovers since 1986. Bronze color. Gold medal-winning flavor. With caramel, biscuity malts superbly balanced with an earthy hop bite and juicy citrus.”

LiftBridge Farm Girl Saison

Available: Select Minnesota Locations

“Perfectly balanced and moderately sweet with light citrus notes and a distinct spiciness from choice Belgian yeasts, Farm Girl is a refreshing beer with universal appeal. Enjoy it after a long day on the farm, or anytime the mood strikes you– whether you’re on the water, in the sun or hiding from the winter’s chill. Pairs well with most foods, including spicy dishes and Thai.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Surly Furious

Available: Select Minnesota Locations

“An amber-colored ale with citrusy hoppy aromas and flavors, balanced out by a chewy caramel malt backbone (sweetness), with a refreshing bitter finish.”

Heavy Seas Loose Cannon

Available: CRAVE Bethesda

“The carefully cultivated interplay of Simcoe, Palisade, and Centennial creates a most fragrant IPA – its nose bursts with notes of grapefruit, herbs, and pine. Bitterness is somewhat subdued by the floral quality that pervades the taste. The color is burnished gold, and the mouthfeel is creamy. A strong malt backbone balances out the triple-hopped beer. Its nickname, Hop3, comes from the brewing process: our brewers hop Loose Cannon in the boil, the hopback, and the fermenter.”

DuClaw HellRazer IPA

Available: CRAVE Bethesda

“HellRazer IPA, first brewed in 2011 and now available year round, is a medium-bodied, golden IPA that gets in your face from first sweet sip to crisp, dry finish with the exotic tropical fruit flavors and aromas of New Zealand Motueka hops. With just enough malt character to keep the aggressive hop presence and unruly 7.5% abv in check, this brew was seemingly born to kick ass and RAZE HELL! The perfect beverage when you aim to misbehave.”

MadTree Psychopathy IPA

Available: CRAVE Cincinnati

“The subtle malt backbone combats the bitterness and intensity of floral, grassy and citrus hop flavors. However, taste is perception. What’s your slant?”


Rhinegeist Cougar

Available: CRAVE Cincinnati

“This bright blonde ale shines a brilliant malt character. Born of breezes, captured sunlight and whifle, this beer is a balanced yet dry siren whose first sip calls for the third. Hopped with arguable restraint with Crystal and Bravo hops, Cougar stays fierce enough to raise eyebrows yet is tame enough to be called sessionable.”

Nebraska Brewing Company Cardinal Pale Ale 

Available: CRAVE Omaha

“Our American Pale Ale is golden in color, mildly bitter, and characterized by floral/citrus-like aromatics which are the result of an additional dry hopping with a very large amount of Cascade Hops. Crisp, crystal clear, and completely enjoyable.”


Great Basin Ichthyosaur “Icky” IPA

Available: CRAVE Summerlin

“Just say “Gimme an Icky!” Named after Nevada’s official state fossil, this beer is made in the India Pale Ale style. Ichthyosaur is accented by a blast of Cascade hops.”

Wasatch Ghostrider IPA

Available: CRAVE Summerlin

Ok, disclaimer, while we know this one isn’t brewed in Nevada, it IS brewed in Utah, which to us still makes it a local brew… and our Mothers also always told us to be kind to our neighbors 😉

“Legend has it Ghostrider roams Utah’s Wasatch Range seeking revenge: “someone” stole his White IPA recipe. Smooth and crisp, it’s made from pale barley and citrusy hops. It’s too good to hide!”

CRAVE-ing More?

Three Pints of Beer on a Bar

Looking for more beers to celebrate National Beer Day with? To see the full list of Tap & Bottle Beer available at your preferred CRAVE Location view our menu HERE! Who needs a trip out of town, when your taste buds can take you on a vacation?!