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CRAVEing Cheese | National Cheese Day

It’s National Cheese Day, which means it’s time to get cheese-y!

Our menu is packed with a variety of cheese options; pastas, burgers, sandwiches, you name it! To help you slim down your National Cheese Day choices, we’ve selected 5 different cheese filled recipes able to satisfy the biggest cheese-tooth.

5 Ways To Get Cheese-y At CRAVE!

Bacon Cheddar Tator Tots

Dive right in with our Bacon Cheddar Tator Tots!

Crispy tot filled with cheese and bacon?! What better way to kick off National Cheese Day at CRAVE than with this bite sized piece of cheese perfection?


Caprese 101

Caprese Flatbread

Oven roasted tomatoes, avocado, arugula, and mozzarella…yum.
If your cheese of choice is Mozzarella, look no further than our Caprese – or Margherita – Flatbread!


Chicken Apple Brie Sandwich

Available on our Lunch menu, this sandwich is great for any Brie lover!

Made with arugula, rosemary aioli, and wrapped in tandoori bread, this sandwich is a great option for a cheese lover looking for something out of the ordinary.


Baked Mac and Cheese 2

Baked Mac & Cheese

With cheese, literally, in it’s name, our CRAVE America Baked Mac & Cheese is a no-brainer to celebrate National Cheese Day!

Loaded with seven different cheeses, bacon and your choice of Chicken Apple Sausage or Grilled Chicken, this dish really satisfies the cheese lover in all of us.


Godzilla Roll_06

Sushi With A Side Of Cheese

Just because it’s National Cheese Day, doesn’t mean that you can’t satisfy your Sushi craving, too!

Not only are our Firecracker Poppers made with Mozzarella, you can also try any of the following CRAVE rolls made with Cream Cheese!

  •  Godzilla Roll
  • Bamboo Bite
  • Philly Roll
  • King Kong Roll
  • Tempura Veggie Roll


CRAVE-ing More?

Don’t forget dessert! What better way to top off your cheese feast CRAVE Cheesecake? Yum!