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Tim Edmunds Selects Wine Regions for the Crave Wine Academy

The process of selecting the regions of focus for the wine classes begins by looking at the most important regions of wine production globally. I try to alternate the northern and southern hemispheres, Chile/ Argentina, then Bordeaux or Burgundy France, followed by Australia/ New Zealand, then to Italy or Spain…

In this format I can go an entire year without duplicating a region and guests can attend the entire series over the year.

Each region produces wines from grapes that thrive in their climate and soil composition, so guests learn a bit of this information to help them understand why certain areas produce the types of wine that they do. For example, Carmenere grapes in Chile, Malbec in Argentina, Pinot Noir in Oregon, etc…

Each region has some laws in place to protect the product integrity; we discuss the fundamentals of these wine laws and how to recognize where to find this information on the bottle, to determine what is in the bottle at a retail outlet.

Guests have fun! It is important to keep the class light hearted and open, it is a large part of what makes my classes different than some other instructors. This info can be overwhelming, and intimidating to the more casual wine enthusiasts. My curriculum has a focus on fun, and sipping wine – Never pretentious or stuffy.

Guests will learn how to save money at retail and in restaurants. We have a Q and A for about thirty minutes at the end of class where they can ask me any questions they want- any region, bottle, producer, or vintage.

Thank you for reading,

Tim Edmunds