Birthday Rewards
Receive a $15 Gift on Your Birthday
Any-Versary Rewards
15% off Your Anniversary
Earn Points
With Every Visit
Get Rewarded
For doing what you already love



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Get rewarded for doing what you already love.

Crave Loyalty Perks

$15 Free
Birthday Reward
Receive a $15 gift on your birthday
15% off
Any-versary Reward
Receive 15% OFF every year for your ANY-versary!
Earn Points
With Every Visit
For every 250 points earned (1 point = $1 spent) you will receive a $10 CRAVE reward.

Loyalty FAQ

What is the CRAVE Loyalty Program?
The CRAVE Loyalty Program is our way of rewarding our guests for their continued support. The program is completely free! For every $250 you spend at our restaurants, you will earn $10 in CRAVE Reward dollars that may be used during any future dining experience at CRAVE. You will also receive birthday and anniversary perks, as well as additional exclusive offers that will be sent to you via email.
Are there any exclusions?
Just a few… All CRAVE Loyalty offers exclude gift card purchases, and you will not earn points on the purchase of gift cards (but you can earn points when redeeming gift cards or CRAVE Reward dollars). The maximum discount on any offer is $50 (unless otherwise specified). You may earn up to 2,000 points per visit. Loyalty offers cannot be combined with any other offer or discount, (Groupons, Living Social, additional coupons, etc.) but you can still earn points on these visits. One loyalty card offer redemption allowed per table. You may earn and redeem points on private dining, but the extra email offers are not valid towards private dining.
How do I sign up?
Sign up is available online. When you sign up online, you will receive a digital card number. You can also provide your phone number to identify your account in the restaurant.
Where can I view my current rewards balance?
If you received a physical card through signing up at a CRAVE location, you need to register your account through the loyalty portal to view your current rewards balance Please note as of 3/8/2018, these cards are no longer available in store. To register, you will need your card number and your PIN number. Your PIN number is found under the silver scratch off sticker on the back of your card. Additionally, you may view your rewards balance on the bottom of your most recent receipt or ask your server during your next visit!
From the portal homepage, click the login button under “Already a Registered Member?”.Next, select “Forgot your Password?” in the bottom right corner of the portal. Select how you would like to be sent a reset password verification – via phone or email. Complete the reset process by following the direction provided in the email or text message.Still having difficulties? We may be able to recover your account via name, phone number, and email address. Please submit a login assistance request through our contact us page.
I lost my card! Can I get a replacement?
The CRAVE Loyalty Rewards Program is now offering digital cards; and therefore, we cannot replace lost cards with physical cards. However, you can opt to sign up for a new eCard and contact us through the form below. Please request your old account to be deactivated, and have the balance transferred to your new account number.
I have 2 CRAVE Loyalty Rewards Accounts. Can I consolidate my points to a single account?
Yes! Contact us through the form below. Provide both account numbers, and specify which account you would like to remain active. Please note, you will need to provide proof of account ownership in order to consolidate accounts.
May I request credit for a past visit?
Definitely! We are able to credit a member’s account within 60 days of purchase. You must have already signed up for the CRAVE Loyalty Rewards Program at the time of the visit you are requesting credit. Please submit your check details through the form below, and we’ll confirm when the process is complete.
How do I redeem my CRAVE Reward Dollars?
You may redeem CRAVE Reward Dollars by specifying the amount you’d like to redeem with your server at the end of your meal. You may redeem any amount of your Reward Dollars towards your bill – if you have a balance of $40 CRAVE Reward Dollars, you may use any amount – up to that $40 – towards all food and beverages.
I spent over $250 on my recent visit. Why is my point balance less than 250 on my point tracking bar?
You will accrue CRAVE Loyalty Rewards Points every time you dine at CRAVE with your CRAVE Loyalty Rewards Card. Every 250 points automatically becomes a $10 reward, EXCEPT when you spend over $250 (and therefore earn 250 points) on your first visit. In this instance, your Loyalty Rewards dollar balance is delayed by one visit, and the remaining point balance is shown in your point tracking bar. For example: You signed up and spent $543 your first visit. Your point tracker will read 43 points, even though you have a $20 reward (250 + 250 points). After your second visit, your rewards dollars will be accurately reflected in your account. If you’d like to view the Rewards Dollars balance sooner and spend this balance on your second visit, simply contact us, and we’ll ensure you’re taken care of!