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CRAVE Omaha to Compete in Ramen Fest!

ramen fest

CRAVE Omaha is participating in Ramen Fest 2015 happening this Sunday, October 4th, 2015!

Not only do we have an awesome team lead by Executive Chef Brian Adair, but CRAVE is honored to be hosting the judges while they decide which ramen is the king (or queen) of them all!

Check out this great Q&A Omaha Ramen Fest had with Chef Brian and be sure to stop by to cheer on our team!

When did you start cooking?
Brian started cooking at a young age. His first job was in a restaurant in small town Iowa. He learned about flavors of food because he was always fixing his mom’s cooking to make it more enjoyable (Sorry mom)

Why food?
Brian enjoys the looks on people’s faces when they get to enjoy something that he has created. The ever-evolving industry keeps Brian learning and discovering something new everyday. This is the great perk of being a chef he says. Brian says that while no one chef can know everything, he strives to make himself better every single day and learn new techniques that perfect his craft.

Are you from Omaha? If not, what brought you here?
Currently Brian is at CRAVE Omaha where he is the executive chef on staff. Brian moved from the East Coast to be closer to his family. “I chose CRAVE Omaha because I wanted to lead a team and a restaurant to be #1 in Omaha and I feel that CRAVE Omaha is going to be that vessel.”

Omaha Ramen Fest

A little bit about Brian’s experience…
Some of Brian’s previous work includes working at the largest casino North America. At this position Brian was able to work with very a very diverse group of people and learn multiple kitchen concepts. This was great experience for Brian due to the immense grandeur of the casino where he presided over 29 restaurants running each of their kitchens. Brian also has experience in Southwest food and culture from when he was employed as the Executive Chef of Penn Gaming in New Mexico. CRAVE Omaha is grateful to have Executive Chef Brian Adair on their team with his extensive experience in management and the culinary arts.